Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shiftin Values

RightOn swansong. Nicely summed up.

There's even more to this story, and it's mostly very good news. Google 'global broiling' if you'd care to find my blog & read about the 58 "monoterpenes" produced by Cannabis agriculture. Volatile aerosol compounds in ganja reflect UV-B away from the Earth and seed cloud formation. It's the final final argument for total Cannabis freedom.

Cannabis is far too valuable to be within the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. Not another "law" needs to be changed. The First Amendment applies specifically, invariably.

Prohibition of Cannabis is ending because prohibition is counter-productive to it's own stated objectives and erodes our society at its foundations. The rule of law is critical and delicate, if it is intentionally broken, as it has been for the past 72 years of hemp prohibition, then our system of governance eventually loses any credibility.

As it is, most people now understand that we have been & are being intentionally misled by a few very rich people. Regardless of the dog & pony show being fed to us by the main-line media, now what? Do we just shrug & die? I don't think so...there's "essential civilian demand" and it's up to us, We the People, to exercise it.

Our generation is being challenged to communicate the truth about Cannabis as if our lives depended on it, for surely they do. Failing to acknowledge the hypocrisy of a Schedule One drug being used to develop pharmaceuticals is insulting to everyone's intelligence, beyond credibility.

Failing to identify, educate and implement hemp seed production as a "strategic food resource" is criminally negligent. The good news is, now that most people can learn of the therapeutic benefits of hemp seed nutrition, the pharmaceutical industry will suffer from a healthy population.

The one-hundred-eighty degree shift in values is all that's needed to end prohibition. Cannabis isn't a "bad plant" -- it's the best plant! If we grow it in abundance we may survive climate change. If we don't grow it, the increasing UV-B radiation will broil the Earth to death.

I have to believe it's that simple because I have a baby boy who's depending on me to come through with a livable planet. If the whales & dolphins have anything to teach, it's economics. Theirs is a thirty million year old system. I trust that those who have abundance to direct will encourage this industry with generous support.

Dolphin economics says "You help me help you help everyone." People would be wise to invest in the world's most ancient and valuable crop. As a "gaiatherapeutic industry" Cannabis agriculture is unmatched.

Redistribution of wealth will come immediately when people recognize the true value of Cannabis agriculture manufacture and trade in the context of 21st century crises we face.

Best wishes,


July 4th, 2009

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